Feeding and Weeding

JUNE 3, 2017

This morning I woke up with an image of feeding a monster. Once calmed down with a cup of coffee, I contemplated what the dream meant. What does the word feeding mean? … feeding is the act of taking or being given nourishment.

An almost full moon rose in the East the day it was my turn at the Hermitage Artist Retreat to feed the newly arrived artists on the beach. It is a treat and a tradition to organize a friendly welcome to travellers who came from northern States, often having left snow covered streets that morning, at their place of origin.

Serving dinner is a paid job and as soon as it came available to me I grabbed it with both hands. Some people warned me that this was a tough assignment, walking through loose sand with baskets of china and silverware, tables and chairs. Some people said, “Don’t do it, you are crazy!”

Yes, I am.

Jacobina Oele

I am also strong and physically healthy and prepared to walk the extra mile to create magic.Almost every week at the end of the day when winds have picked up and blow warm air from the North Eastern corner of the Gulf of Mexico, I drag folding tables close to the place where the waves curl over grey sand.

The wind makes it tricky to throw the white linens over the tables and keep them put before I can secure them with heavy white plates. Another challenge is to hold the napkins down before they land on the sand by securing them with a knife. If all goes well the rest is set in a matter of minutes and the chairs surrounding the scene can finish the job.

Cooking the meal is not part of the deal. I pick up the food from a local restaurant Lock’n Key and keep it warm in the oven until everybody has enjoyed a glass of wine and a snack. I bring the warm meal to the beach.

I was thinking about my dream in which I was feeding the monster. Nothing in my life is taken lightly or escapes my attention. With curiosity I dissect images, sounds and meetings until it found the right place in my mind and heart. My conclusion was this; Feeding the monster stands for everything I am fearful of. Nourishing this fear will make it grow.

I chose that morning to not feed my fears and weed them out. The image lost power like an inflatable monster loosing air.

When I am feeding the artists I am not only giving them tangible food. It is actually not about the food, nor the wine although both enhance the experience. It is about the energy that was put into the experience of eating food while watching the sun set. It is about the company of accomplished artists who have interesting stories to tell about their work, their life and their expectations. It is about all of our energy and achievements brought together under starry skies, the torches flickering in the dying wind. It is about all that we add in making something extra-ordinary happen in this world, brought together in the couple of hours the meal lasts.

Jacobina Oele

Feeding is nurturing the beauty and the magic while weeding out all negativity, dying from malnourishment. It is a matter of choice.

Galleria Mare is basically closed for the summer, but if you wish to make a purchase, we will open it for you. Just call 786 457 1606. The first planned exhibition is Wednesday September 6, 2017 on which date I hope to show you a series of new paintings, still to be discovered.


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