The Other Side

APRIL 1, 2024

Waking up on the other side of the story is as exciting as a child on her birthday. “What will the new day bring?” Transition is always a process. Even though it looks like an overnight experience for outsiders, the truth is that it takes many hours, indeed many days and even weeks, to make it happen.

Not that an eleven hour drive could not be done all at once, but being mindful of what to leave behind and what I want or need to bring takes serious consideration. The only thing that helps is my imagination.

Envisioning the future makes me sort through existing stuff like a machine.

That looks simple but even trying to imagine a temperature of 55 degrees Fahrenheit takes effort. “Do I need a jacket or is layering a couple of sweaters good enough?”

My days are going to look different now I have at least 7 hours a day to dedicate to painting. Every day. That and making video’s for students. Now I can expand into preparing lectures about my favorite artists and look for venues. Now I can work on new idea’s that want to get out in the world.

That is exciting. That is what keeps the motor rolling.

Jacobina Oele

My autobiography is called True Colors, Independently published on January 11, 2024 in English,135 pages. ISBN-13: 979-8875809200.
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